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Scientific Name: Tridacna derasa : Reef Compatible: Yes : Care Level: Expert : Hardiness: Sustainable : Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons gallons : Mature Size: 2-3 feet Ultra Grade Colored Maxima Clam, Aquacultured ORA® (Tridacna maxima) Starting at $109.99 Derasa Clam, Aquacultured (Tridacna derasa) We hope you and the aquatic life under your care stay safe. Clam is a common name for several kinds of bivalve molluscs.The word is often applied only to those that are edible and live as infauna, spending most of their lives halfway buried in the sand of Tridacna derasa-The Derasa clam is one of the easiest clam species to care for. In the wild they reside along the sand beds adjacent to reefs. These giant clams require adequate lighting and nutrients in the aquarium to grow and thrive. They can even reach sizes of 2 feet! They are a great reef safe sessile invertebrate that is sure to be the center piece in many aquariums. Feeding on Reef 2010-08-06 · Besides the out-of-place scales on the shell, the shape of it and the mantle pattern were 100% consistent with how we expect a Derasa clam to look.

Derasa clam care

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So how do we keep them in our tanks? The odds are that you are seeing clams at you LFS. These clams are different from your everyday river clam. 2018-06-06 2015-09-20 The Tridacna Species of clam is the best for saltwater aquariums. Tridacna Squamosa and Tridacna Derasa are the best clams for beginners, requiring lower light & water quality conditions to thrive. Tridacna clams start at around $40 for Tridacna Squamosa’s & go up to $300 for the Tridacna Crocea’s. 2010-10-06 Care. The Derasa Clam - also known as the Smooth Giant Clam because of the relative lack of ribbing on the exterior of the shell - is one of the larger growing Tridacna species and is treasured by aquarists who appreciate an intriguing centrepiece in their reef aquarium.

Tridacna clams are found in shallow areas and require high light, especially as they get older and rely less and less on feeding.

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Like many other bivalve mollusks, it filter-feeds on phytoplankton through its gills. However, most of its daily sustenance comes from a symbiotic algae. Care requirements for these clams are similar to corals in that they require good light, good water quality, and good water flow. If there were one area to focus on however, it would be light.

Derasa clam care

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Derasa clam care

There are blue, blue-green, brown and other color varieties.

Derasa clam care

crocea is also known as the Boring Clam, Boring Giant Clam, Crocus have you considered doing maybe a complete guide to clam care? 1 Nov 2013 Derasa clams, or Giant Clams, are quite amazing. more details on the specifics of Crocea care: A Reef 2 Reef Spotlight “Tridacna Crocea”. 25 Sep 2006 -Derasa,.. This clam has a thick and heavy shell when compared to others; its shell is normally These have many of the same charisterics as the Derasa clams, thick heavy shell, lack of scoots, solid arc Why do we c Derasa clams are very popular with aquarist's because of their ease of care and fast growth.

Derasa clam care

The pH should optimally be kept around 8.2 to 8.4,  6 Aug 2019 derasa which gets even bigger than the maxima. Then comes the Tridacna crocea which stays smaller, usually only growing to about 6 inches (  Tridacna Squamosa and Tridacna Derasa are the best clams for beginners, Care Level: Beginner Tridacna Squamosa; Tridacna Derasa; Tridacna Giga. 9 Feb 2016 Pay attention to the mantle; it should be evenly colored with no bleached areas or tears and a smooth edge. The larger inhalant opening in the  Learn about maxima clam care here. Of the eight well-known species of giant clams, Tridacna maxima, T. derasa, T. gigas, T. crocea, T. squamosa, and  How to keep Derasa Clam in an aquarium.

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This animal relies on two very different sources of nourishment.

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There is an amazing amount of information reguarding the care of derasa clams on the net.

Date, new to old. View. Derasa Clam 3 inch. Critters Derasa Clam 3 inch.